Naas says no to Boks

Former Springbok captain Naas Botha would not accept the Bok manager job even if he was offered it.

When approached by on whether he was interested in joining the current Springbok set-up, Botha’s answer was an emphatic “No!”

“I’ve got other things to do and I can’t afford to leave them to take up a position with the Boks,” he explained. “I’m definitely not interested.”

It had been speculated that he would be the ideal man to replace Arthob Petersen considering his successful relationship with White in the past. Botha though has committments to SuperSport and the Valke Rugby Union, among others, which he says would prevent him from honouring a possible call-up.

Botha said the position required a special individual with unique skills and he was unsure whether he fell into that category. “Sometimes you need a certain type of guy to do that job and I don’t think I’m one of them.”

“I’ve never actually thought about it and I won’t be thinking about it in the future,” said Botha, who was the manager under Jake White when the Baby Boks won the World Championship on home soil in 2002.

It is reliably understood that Mac Hendricks, Bok logistics manager, is not prepared to additionally assume the role of team manager. The position of logistics manager takes up more than enough of his time.

He is though in a sort of care-taker manager role at the moment, but the need to replace Petersen is of utmost importance to the smooth running of operations wthin the Bok camp.

By Andrew Hollely