The Lion lashes out

Brian van Rooyen will take the SA Rugby Union to court over the findings of a hearing to investigate charges against him.

The ousted SARU boss described the announcement yesterday, as “the work of a kangaroo court”. According to a report in Beeld he has vowed to take the matter to the High Court.

He may sue for damages after being barred from serving in the SA Rugby Union’s general council or committees or as a director of the company, Beeld said.

Van Rooyen told Beeld’s Liam Del Carme: “I expected nothing else. We are already putting our case together.”

Van Rooyen also stated that the findings in the report were, in his opinion, illegal and groundless, considering the evidence.

“It is impossible to take the findings seriously when one considers that it is one-sided. It makes a mockery of the principles of justice.”

The hearings took place in Bloemfontein, but Van Rooyen did not attend. SARU say he deliberately stayed away, while Van Rooyen maintains he only heard about hte hearings the day before they were due to start.