Read the rules

Muppits, I can repost the terms and conditions for you or you can start showing a little respect for each other.

Use of foul language, derogatory terms and the need to insult someone who disagrees with you is becoming far to entrenched on We welcome open dialogue about rugby and often a whole lot, but calling everyone from Cape Town gay or anyone who supports the Bulls a dutchman constitutes a very narrow view – something we don’t encourage or endorse, neither are we interested in your personal political views – if you wish to air them please seek an alternative forum.

We do have a filtering system in place, one i am reluctant to put into full effect because i believe in a the chance to express an opinion but if the current trends of the comments continue i will be left no choice but to make this site free from all foul language. I have and will continue to remove posting rights for Muppits who choose to ignore the terms and conditions of this site.

As a community you have a choice – show respect for each other and your respective opinions or a site which allows you no leeway to express those opinions.

You choose.