All Black leak stays a mystery

Graham Henry will not conduct a witch-hunt in order to find out which player leaked the All Black team to play the Wallabies on Saturday.

Henry’s side was made public before the scheduled announcement after a player in the side failed to keep his mouth shut (the players had been made aware of the match 22 to contest the opening match of the Vodacom Tri-Nations several days ago).

Asked by xtramsn’s Marc Hinton if he was worried by his own team’s lack of internal security, Henry responded in the negative.

“I’m disappointed the team got out, lets be honest,” he said after unveiling the lineup everyone pretty much knew anyway. “I’m disappointed that somebody talked to somebody who talked to somebody, or however it got out.

“That’s not a positive but it’s not a major either. I just hope it doesn’t happen again because it’s not what we want to happen. But I don’t think it’s going to give anybody an advantage or disadvantage.

“Like we knew a week ago what the Australian team was to take the track at Jade Stadium. It was pretty obvious wasn’t it. You can make a big song and dance about it in the media if you’re the opposition coach, but it didn’t mean much really.”

Henry was clearly taking a dig at Wallaby coach John Connolly who made much of the fact he claimed to know the All Blacks lineup before he should have.