Black and Blue will do

Dirk Diggler threw the bones this weekend — and he’s bullish about the boys in black.

When I mentioned to Dirk that I had a hunch the Wallabies could win in Christchurch against an All Blacks team that has not lost in 18 successive home tests, he told me I also had a hunch that the Boks would beat the French, that the baby Boks would take out the French and that the Stormers would do the Bulls in the Super 14. I kind of got the drift of Dirk’s reasoning and handed over the precious bones for the first throw of the Tri Nations season.

Dirk juggled the bones, hammered them into the ground and then gave me his interpretation of how they landed.

“It’s a no-brainer mate. The Wallabies are going to get walloped,” said Dirk.

“You’re dreaming mate,” I said.

“Nah mate, the only person dreaming is going to be Knuckles Connolly; dreaming that he’d stayed in Europe. The blacks by 15 … it’s not even going to be close.”

Ah, Stu Wilson would love Dirk, our resident betting guru whose done a bit of a walk about in the last year, but popped in for a visit looking more like a walking version of the late Hunter S Thompson.

I also asked Dirk what he made of Province’s visit to the cathedral of rugby in Pretoria.

Dirk wasn’t prepared to even waste his time with the bones.

“You don’t need bones for that one mate,” he said. “The Bulls are going to smash them.”

Dirk wouldn’t venture a points differential.

“It’s all relative to interpretation, but I can tell you Fester’s going to feel pain on Saturday night. And might I add that he has my sympathy.”

So there you have it:

AB’s to win by 15 and the Bulls to win by more than a point.