Aussies dismiss rush threat

Wallaby assistant coach Scott Johnson believes his players are skilled enough to deal with the Springboks’ rush defence on Saturday.

Johnson coached Wales in a caretaker capacity during the Six Nations, but turned down a permanent position in order to join the Wallaby management team. Now he’s plotting the Boks downfall, and inparticular, how to deal with their rush defence.

“It’s a high risk, high reward approach to defence,” he said. “I believe we have the athletes to deal with it on Saturday. If we can keep our composure, we’ll be fine. In the end, the only way to stop rush defence is to run at it.”

Wallaby defence coach John Muggleton said the Boks’ game plan was as predictable as always.

“They’re not a very mobile side and they try to keep their lateral movements [across the field] to a minimum,” he said. “They play to their strengths, which in their case are the men inside No 10 [the forwards]. I suppose it’s a smart system for them.”