Honiss hammers White

New Zealand referee Paul Honiss was in no rush to excuse Jake White’s outburst after the Boks lost 49-0 to Australia.

White blamed Honiss’s refereeing and said the referee blew South Africa out of the game.

Honiss, awarded 13 penalties to Australia and six to South Africa, said the Boks have got off lightly.

Responding to White’s criticism, he said: “Who am I the scapegoat for this week? Obviously Jake White. If they’re going to point the finger at me then they’re obviously not focussing on the right things for next week.”

Honiss said the the Boks’ rush defence was to blame for the penalties.

“That rush defence of theirs wasn’t working,” he said. “I had an IRB (referees) selector (assessing the game) … he said you had five penalties for that (off-side) in the first half, you could have doubled it. He said you couldn’t back down because if you backed down they would have walked all over you.”