Worst Bok display ever, says White

Jake White has told the New Zealand media the 49-0 loss to the Wallabies was the worst Bok performance he could ever remember.

The 53-3 defeat against England ranks in the top 3, but it was a Bok ‘C’ team, who played 70 minutes with 14 men against the pending World Champions. The 52-16 defeat against the All Blacks was bad, but the build-up was marred by all sorts of in-house dramas.

From a pure playing point of view, given the quality of the Bok XV, White said he had never seen worse.

“To be fair I think as a guy who’s been watching the Springboks since I was a boy that’s probably the worst I’ve seen it happen. I take responsibility for that. You take the bad times with the good times.

“When you get it wrong, you can get it badly wrong.”

White said to describe the team as hurting was an understatement.

“They’ve never been in this position before. I’ve never been in this position like this since I’ve been coaching at anytime in my life and I’ve coached club rugby, I’ve coached colts rugby, I’ve coached school rugby and I’ve never ever had to endure the thing that I saw on Saturday night.

“There’s no book you can buy and go to chapter six where it says in this situation this is what you say and this is what you do. The reality is that as a group of people and a group of Springboks that hold the jersey very proud, hopefully we’ll make the right decisions.”