WP practising with purpose

The Cape Town side enjoyed some light training focusing on skills at the Tuesday afternoon practice in Bellville.

1. The players start off the session with some skills under the watchful eyes of coaches Kobus van der Merwe and Jerome Paarwater.

2. The squad splits into two and begin playing some double-handed touch to warm up. The pace and handling even from the front rankers is impressive.

3. The line-out is looking solid, with Francois van der Merwe and Huia Edmonds communicating well. In the backline, Naas Olivier is mixing it up nicely.

4. Still playing shadow-rugby, the forwards begin practicing some mauling off the set pieces. The understanding and trust amongst the players seems good and their has not been many spilt balls thus far.

5. The practice has been light thus far, but the tempo in the running has increased significantly. The players are looking fit and it’s good to see some of the guys who were on the injury list like Jean de Villiers, Werner Greef and Ross Skeate running without much difficulty.

6. The players hit the showers while a young touring side from Argentina watches them leave the field. On the whole, a practice focused on continuity and speed through the phases. Not much contact at all.

By Jon Cardinelli at Bellville Rugby Club