Why Dan let rip

A chirp from Luke McAlister encouraged Dan Carter to attempt his successful 63m penalty goal at Loftus.

With the half-time hooter having sounded and the All Blacks leading 13-11, most expected Carter to boot the ball into touch and take a breather.

Said Carter: “I wasn’t planning on kicking it and Luke gave me a bit of a boost in confidence. He said ‘come on DC, you’re all over it’. I had nothing to lose, the half-time buzzer had gone so I thought I’d just let rip. It’s just a matter of sticking to your rhythm and hope it flies an extra 5-10m.”

All Black captain Richie McCaw smiled broadly when the kick went over the crossbar to give his side a five-point lead.

“Dan’s first reaction was ‘no’ [to taking the kick] and I thought, ‘oh well, half-time’. Then someone said he should have a crack and I thought ‘at least the ball will be down there and they’ll kick it out’,” McCaw said. “It was phenomenal, great to see it go over and it might have dropped their heads a bit further.”

The goal was the longest of Carter’s career – beating his 58m penalty against the Bulls at Loftus in the Super 12.