Jake’s going nowhere

Five losses from seven games is not enough to make Jake White pack his bags.

White has been heavily criticised recently for the Springboks woeful performances, his ineffective tactics and questionable selections.

But the beleaguered coach has affirmed his commitment to labour on.
“I won’t walk away from this job,” White told Sapa.

Saru President, Oregan Hoskins, has stressed his support for White despite his last Test victory coming in an unconvincing 29-15 win over Scotland in June.

Attempts by Hoskins to gather a brainstorming group comprising former Springbok coaches, Nick Mallett, Andre Markgraaff, Rudolf Straeuli and Carel du Plessis, which he hoped would help provide answers to the coach, proved futile.

The men snubbed the invitation for various reasons, but White said he appreciated the concern Hoskins was showing.

“The president has been very positive toward me,” he said. “He told me that he had seen this before and that it is not pleasant but gave me his backing and suggested bringing guys from the outside to come in and help me.”

He also rejected suggestions that his strained relationship with Markgraaff was the reason for the meeting falling through.

“I’m more than willing to listen to anybody, doesn’t matter who the committee is. Anyone who can add value we must take with open hands.

“If they have the answers that can make us turn the corner then great, and I think it is a great step by Saru,” he added.

White shrugged off questions about what his plan was to get out of the predicament in which he finds himself by jokingly asking, “How does one handle this? Is there a book you can buy and go to chapter six and that tells you how to handle this?”