Wilko kicks old habits

Jonny Wilkinson has changed his kicking style in a bid to stay injury-free this season.

Wilkinson, who has not played a test match for England since the World Cup final in 2003, believes he has identified what was causing him to break down during every attempted comeback and reckons it will no longer be a problem.

“In terms of goalkicking, the mechanics of my body, the strain on my groin from years of bashing balls around needed to be changed,” he said. “One muscle was tearing repeatedly under pressure, causing a succession of setbacks. I have managed to ‘switch off’ that muscle by altering my kicking style and the way I practise.

“I am not working any less in terms of preparation but there is more rest time and more enjoyment time.”

He told The Sun newspaper: “Had any of the injuries ended my playing days, I could have looked back on what I have achieved and taken my time to absorb everything. But that is not the case. I had a number of different injuries, all are healed and I am 27 and believe there’s a lot more to come.”