Boorish Aussies on short leash

Due to many incidents involving Australian players and alcohol, the Wallabies will face breathalyser tests to ensure they don’t overindulge.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a new code of conduct drawn up by the Wallaby management states that any player who is known to have been out drinking will face a breathalyser test the next morning.

“We have formed a disciplinary protocol,” Connolly told the newspaper. “We have asked them for moderation [in terms of alcohol] and they know the situation if anything goes wrong.

“The ramifications are severe. In terms of drinking, it’s one or two and that’s it.”

Any reading between .02 and 0.5 will result in an internal disciplinary hearing where the guilty party faces a panel comprising of both management and senior players. A reading above .05 will result in the guilty player being sent home immediately to receive punishment at the hands of the Australian Rugby Union.

“I’ve got faith in them,” said Connolly. “We’ve spoken about just being sensible. We want them to enjoy themselves but also to be responsible. I don’t expect any problems here.

“But there is a breathalyser and if there is reason to use it, a player can be breathalysed by the medical staff. It’s in the document.

“This is the first trip it’s been brought into play but I would anticipate we won’t ever have to do it. It just heightens the awareness of players.”

The Wallabies have also been slapped with a 1am curfew, which is presumably another measure to curb the characterstic binge drinking and club-hopping after a Test.