Eddie bemoans breakdown cheats

Former Wallaby coach Eddie Jones has called for a stricter regulation of the breakdown, where he feels too many players are getting away with killing the ball.

In the act of trying to turn over possession, most opensides are successful in slowing down the opposition attack. Jones feels that this should be penalised more often, and too much opportunity is given to the defender to effect the turnover.

“It’s taken a lot of continuity out of the game and we just have to be careful that we don’t lose the balance of the game,” he said. “The only way [it can] turn back the other way is if the IRB instruct the referees to use the sin bin assertively.

“That hasn’t happened, there’s an implicit understanding in rugby that you keep 15 in the field.”

The Wallabies have been vocal in their criticism of All Black captain Richie McCaw who excels at both pilfering and killing opposition ball at the breakdown. Springbok Schalk Burger is another who has been successful in slowing Aussie ball and allowing his defence to regroup. The Wallabies like to build momentum through the phases, and without quick ball, it makes it very difficult to gain momentum.

“Unless the IRB actually orders referees to put guys in the sin bin it will get more and more contestable,” said Jones.