Henson just a ‘pretty boy’

Former Welsh centre John Devereux has launched an attack on Gavin Henson’s poor attitude, after another bad showing with the Ospreys last week.

The Ospreys managed to sneak a 18-16 win over the Blues, but were anything but convincing. As a part of the Wales side that finished third in the inaugural World Cup of 1987, Devereux believes that his contemporary needs to pick up his performance.

“You don’t have to have much knowledge of rugby to have noticed his lacklustre attitude to the game and his body language,” Devereux said in the Western Mail. “It’s appalling.

“I don’t know if he possesses the right attitude to be a rugby player. If he wants to be a big fish in a small pond he might as well go and play for Tonmawr seconds. Gavin needs to get back to basics. He’s had injuries and needs to knuckle down, but whether he has got the necessary mental toughness I don’t know.”

Devereux couldn’t explain why the gifted centre has declined in the past few months, but believes that it is important to Welsh rugby that he refinds his feet.

“I wonder if he’s carrying another injury. Or is it in his head? It looks like there are demons in his head playing havoc with him. I’m searching for reasons. He’s got the coaches and the fitness conditioners behind him. Gavin should be bursting to produce after his problems of last season.

“He seems to be shovelling the ball on and is afraid of contact. Maybe he doesn’t want to scar his pretty face. I can’t understand it because, before, he relished physical contact, smashing people and being physical.”

The Ospreys play champions Ulster away from home this weekend, and the big occassion should offer Henson, who boasts 18 Test caps and 127 international points, a chance at redemption.

“Everybody wants to see him do well but, at the moment, I can’t see how Wales can pick Gavin or how he will be in the Ospreys team for the Heineken Cup.

“Gavin can be a game-winner, but he’s not going to be able to be one every match. If he feels he’s the only player who’s going to do something, he might as well finish playing now.”