Oliver: The naked truth

After being slammed for posing nude for a Dunedin artist, All Black hooker Anton Oliver cleared up some misconceptions surrounding the ordeal.

Oliver revealed that the artist, Simon Richardson had broken a promise to keep his identity a secret. In the initial agreement between the two, Oliver was to remain anonymous and the painting was not to be discussed with the media.

The burly front ranker also clarified his position in the painting. Despite allegations that the picture featured a full frontal pose, Oliver confirmed that Richardson painted him “from the back”.

“The artist, who I had known for some time and from whom I had bought a painting, was interested in figure studies and asked me if I would pose for him, on the grounds that my body was more bulky, shall we say, than those of most male subjects,” Oliver said in an official statement on Tuesday.

“Initially, I refused, but then said I would on condition that it be in total anonymity and that I would be portrayed from the back only. The artist agreed to this and that’s what happened.”

Most of the criticism still remains as to why Oliver would consider posing nude in the first place.

“Far from being self-indulgent or courting publicity, my insistence on anonymity would have meant no one would have known who the subject was. It is unfortunate that the painting’s subject has now been made public, for that is not what was intended.”

The painting is yet to be completed and will be on sale in November. Due to the fact that the subject is now known to the public, it should fetch a more lucrative price.