Keo live – 9.30

Morning Muppits. 9.30 this am fire away your questions. Ig has refused to let me leave the office until I’ve done an hour on the site.

To put you in the loop is part of Highbury Safika Media, which has 24 customer and consumer titles in its stable, so my day as publishing director of HSM is taken up by 24 titles and the website; hence the sporadic posting of the odd comment.

But I do read the majority of comments and Ig brings what is relevant to my attention on a daily basis.

Don’t be shy in your questioning and I’ll always want to use the hour to see what you guys, girls and otherwise want from the site next year. We’ll have done 25 million pages in two and a half years by the end of this week, so the we know we have the audience.

Tell me what we can do to make the site even better. And as a starter, do you want IPOD broadcasts next year with a selected panel of legends? (And of course I am referring to Fleckie)