Bok manager mess

The Springboks could again tour without a manager as SARU officials spent much of Monday denying there would be a player strike.

Former SA Rugby Pty Ltd Managing Director Songezo Nayo was asked to apply for the job. Now apparently he is technically ill-equipped to be the Bok manager?

This was what emerged when SARU acting MD Basil Haddad attempted to explain the latest embarrassment to the media.

Haddad said Nayo, the team and coach Jake White’s preferred appointment, did not ‘technically’ succeed. Haddad also said the other candidates, Zola Yeye and Liston Ntshongwana were also ‘technical’ failures in their applications.

Haddad ruled out Naas Botha’s possible appointment. Botha does not qualify because he is white and all the candidates had to be ethnic black.

The SABC reported that the players would strike because of SARU’s refusal to appoint Nayo, but Haddad said he had been assured by SARPA (South African Rugby Players Association) that this was just a rumour.

“There is a possibility that there will not be a permanent manager accompanying the Springboks. Their (Yeye, Nayo, Ntshongwana), applications were technically not successful and as you can understand I cannot elaborate further on that. We are looking for the right person for the job. There are a number of possibilities,” Haddad told the media. “The final decision to who will be manager lies with SA Rugby while Jake (White) has the right to be consulted.”

It is understood that SARU wants to make the appointment of a Bok manager a full-time position. Just why is the question because the Boks are only active for four months in the year. It is known that all the candidates have full-time jobs that would allow for them to be seconded to the Boks during those four months, but none is willing to give up the security of a full-time job in exchange for the volatile environment of a SARU appointment.

The Springboks this year have not been accompanied by a manager following Arthob Petersen’s departure at the end of last year.