Now manager doesn’t matter

After pushing all year for a manager, Jake White now says it won’t be a train-smash if he doesn’t get one for the end-of-year tour.

The Boks have not had a manager for the last five months since Athrob Pietersen was given the boot.

White initially wanted Naas Botha to fill the job, but the former Bok 10 was ruled out when Saru insisted the new manager be black.

To add to the drama, the applications of Zola Yeye, Songezo Nayo and Liston Ntshongwana (all blacks) were deemed “technically unsuccessful” by Saru this week.

White was diplomatic when asked what impact this would have on the tour.

“We haven’t had a manager and I know that SA Rugby are doing what they can,” he said. “If it is not before Saturday I don’t think it is a train-smash, the reality is that it needs to be a win-win situation for everybody.

“It is a very important position for South African rugby and I don’t believe that SA Rugby will rush things for the sake of putting in someone there. I’ve heard nothing yet because there is a committee looking at the shortlist and the consultation with the coach will come once they have the shortlist and we’ll see from there if there is a working relationship with whoever they feel is suitable for the job.

“At this point there has been no consultation. When they get a suitable candidate we’ll meet and see if there is a working relationship.”

White also denied rumours of a players’ strike as a protest to the manager mess.

“I don’t know anything about it. What I know is what you guys (the media) write in the media. The reality is that I don’t know two of the guys on the reported shortlist and I know Songezo because he worked at SA Rugby,” he said.