White: Yeye’s no selector

Jake White has hinted that new Bok manager Zola Yeye will have virtually no say in the selection of the team.

Yeye got the job on Wednesday after the Boks had spent the last five months without a manager.

“Zola has a say, but the buck stops with the coach. He is a rugby guy and knows the feeling of losing and winning,” White said.

It was Yeye who blasted the Bok coach earlier this season when he referred to Solly Tyibilika as a “transformation player” during the Tri-Nations.

“Whatever has happened in the past is in the past,” said White. “People have a right to be critical, so what was said has happened. I like what was agreed upon between myself and Mr Yeye.

“I was sceptical and so were the players, but we aren’t anymore because we realise that Zola wants to add value and wants the same things we want. Before this I had never met Mr Yeye and there were obviously perceptions, this does happen in the sporting world.”