Mauger sparks race row

All Black centre Aaron Mauger has accused the Twickenham crowd of racism.

Mauger claimed that non-white players in the New Zealand side had been abused during the visitors’ 23-19 victory last year.

“In terms of the crowd I think there were a few racial remarks made to a few of our boys last year, and a few of the guys took exception to it which is fair enough because there’s no place for that in sport,” Mauger said. “It seemed to be the Island guys who got picked on.”

RFU chief executive Francis Baron responded angrily to Mauger’s controversial claims.

“No allegations of any racist abuse were made during or after that game and it is puzzling why they have now been made a year later. Rugby is an inclusive game for all and the RFU abhors any form of discrimination or abuse based on colour, creed, sexual orientation or disability,” he said.

“The England fans who come to Twickenham are a credit to the ethos of rugby and we have never had any allegations of racism levelled against them. It is disappointing that they have been unfairly accused like this.

“I have asked the New Zealand management to investigate Aaron Mauger’s comments and to take the appropriate action.”