Pommie press rubbish Robbo

The notoriously unforgiving English media are calling for the head of national coach Andy Robinson after the seventh consecutive loss on Saturday.

While the pressure on Springbok coach Jake White is palpable, the force being applied to Robinson from the local journalists has Clive Woodward’s former right hand man ready to crack. This was evident in the post match interview after the 18-25 loss to Argentina, where he refused to comment on his future with England.

In the aftermath, Paul Ackford of the The Sunday Telegraph did not mince words in describing the diabolical display on Saturday. “He [Robinson] was a positive influence on England’s journey to World Cup glory three years ago, but the magic has left him.

“He has been unable to fashion a new generation of players and there are real concerns about his ability to select and galvanise a side.

“Robinson is an honest man and may well fall on his sword in the days or weeks to come but he must know that he has no credibility left within this England set-up.”

Stuart Barnes of the Sunday Times in London was equally scathing in his column denouncing the England coach.

“Back in the early days when he took the mantle from Clive Woodward the manager said that if he was not up to the job he would walk away from it. After seven straight defeats the pain cannot be any greater and the agony must be ended.

“It may be the soldiers on the field of action who lost the particular sporting battle but under Robinson’s generalship the rugby war had long ago been lost.

“To retain his honour I would like to think Robinson will take that decision away from him [Rob Andrew] and do what Francis Baron lacked the courage or good sense to do. Robinson was an outstanding coach in a World Cup-winning team, he was never a manager.”

Providing Saturday’s Test match between England and South Africa is not a draw, the pressure is going to tell and something is going to give; this fact is not in dispute.

White has the security of a coaching contract until the end of 2007 season, but Robinson may well face the guillotine if the Boks manage to hit back after failing against the Irish.