Bulls want Jake out

The Blue Bulls Rugby Union (BBRU) will propose a motion of no confidence in Springbok coach Jake White at the next meeting of the SA Rugby Union’s presidents’ council.

Beeld reports that the BBRU president Boet Fick has received a directive from the Pretoria-based union’s management committee to table the motion at the November 29 meeting.

This was decided at a meeting on Tuesday, where the committee unanimously decided to ask that White would resign immediately.

The motion, tabled by the BBRU, states: “The BBRU want to express its shock and unhappiness with the performance of our national rugby team, the Springboks.

“The union places the blame squarely on the shoulders of the coach Mr. Jake White and his management team. In the interest of SA Rugby these gentlemen are requested to resign with immediate effect.

“The union no longer see its way clear to support these officials with the caching and selection of teams and are convinced that if they do not resign with immediate effect, then there is no prospect of competing with reasonable success at the World Cup in 2007.”

Fick will have to hurry if the matter is to get on the agenda because the list of issues to be discussed has to be finalized today.

“It is for them to decide whether this should be on the agenda as a matter for discussion, but I know we are not the only ones who have lost confidence in Jake,” Fick told Morris Gilbert.

“I spoke to the presidents of two unions this morning [Wednesday] and they also want to call for Jake’s resignation.

“I’d rather not name the unions, but one is a big one and the other is one of the smaller unions.”

The drastic move was triggered by a disappointing loss against Ireland and the Springboks indifferent form in 2006.

White though was adamant that he can’t be held solely responsible for the dire showing in Dublin.

“My coaching staff and I did not decide by ourselves to tour with this team,” he explained.

“The board of SA Rugby, the review committee and all those involved in our preparations for the 2007 World Cup tournament, have bought into this.

“Even the former Springbok coaches whom we met before the Test at Rustenburg against New Zealand proposed that we should use this tour to present opportunities to other players with a view to the World Cup tournament,” he said.

The official response on the issue from the Springbok camp was diplomatic.

“The Management of the Springboks has noted today’s requests from media in South Africa and abroad for comment on the calls from certain of SA Rugby’s structures for the resignation of the coach and his staff,” a statement issued by Bok media manager Vusi Kama said.

“However, in terms of convention and protocol, the Springbok management is not in a position to comment on matters regarding SA Rugby and its structures.

“Further, powers to hire and fire the coaching management reside with the senior authorities at SA Rugby. We, therefore, would like to refer all queries on this matter to the Acting Managing Director and/or President of SA Rugby.”