England to end on high

It pains me to write it but it will be the pasty Poms by five at Twickers on Saturday.

It pains me because this is the worst England side to play at Twickenham since Nick Mallett’s Boks destroyed them 29-11 in 1997.

The hosts won’t be much better on Saturday than they were a week ago, but the weather, expected to be wet, could favour a home team that will play far more conservative rugby and get by with the limited talents of Andy Goode at flyhalf.

The Boks, having thrown away the best chance to stuff up the Poms a week ago, don’t have the element of surprise. There will be a healthier respect for some of the younger guys after last weekend’s performance, but there are still too many limitations in Jake White’s team to believe they can finish the tour on a high.

I hope I am wrong and the Boks leave Twickenham having broken the curse and with an inspiring victory. South African rugby is desperate for a win and a decent performance in London. It hasn’t happened for 10 years.

More than that I hope Kabamba Floors is able to match the hype with performance. I feel for the bugger. Flown here on Monday and asked to perform in a loose-trio that has never played together. Floors knows the national coach does not rate him, but because of continued failings has been forced to pick him. The player told the media he just wanted to get out there and play. Let’s hope he can do just that.

This is also a big one for Andre Pretorius, more than for any other player. Pretorius is playing for his international career. He has never played a decent game up north and his tour has been a horror. Most guys have to wait a year to go back to Twickenham and have a shot at redemption.

Pretorius only had to wait a week. He’s a fantastic bloke, but on Saturday the Boks need a flyhalf who can play the conditions, regardless of his personality. I can’t see him coming good, but for the Boks to win Pretorius has to play the game of his life.

England will have more confidence, but they won’t come with any more ideas. They’re a clueless mob and last weekend’s test was one of the worst between the two countries.

It was a shocker, played by two teams with no confidence, whose coaches both face the axe.

What should have been the battle of the year was reduced to the battle of the duds.

They get one more chance to go at it on Saturday and then thankfully the test season is over for South Africa.

White says the tour has been a success. That’s bollocks. One win will make it acceptable, but three defeats is a disaster, no matter the time of year or the language it is written in.

Poms by five!