Cheeky snubs Boks

Cheeky Watson, the anti-apartheid activist and father of Luke, will not be supporting the Boks at the World Cup.

When asked if he would back the team in France, Watson told the Cape Argus: “I’m answering diplomatically: I’d rather not comment on that issue.” When asked if he supported John Smit as captain, he simply said: “no comment”.

Watson said he would have liked to have seen a team sent to the World Cup that is more representative of South Africa and that there should be six players of colour in the Bok starting XV. He added that while white players are given plenty of chances to prove themselves, a black player is dropped after the first bad game he has.

When asked if he believed the current Boks supported democracy, Watson said: “The majority of the players who stand up there are holding on to the Bok emblem as if it’s their life blood. I don’t know if they’d hold the flag with the same passion.”

While Watson refused to call the Boks racist he said they took the “least line of resistance most of the time. There’s not a culture for standing up for what is right and wrong. It’s all about rugby and not about social and rugby issues.”

Watson insisted he would not like Luke to be playing at this World Cup, but he would shout his son’s selection “from the roof tops” if it was a transformed team.