Banned Lima’s tournament over

Brian Lima’s fifth World Cup ended in disgrace, with a three week suspension for a dangerous tackle.

Lima should have been cited for his attempt to take off Andre Pretorius’s head, but inexplicably he escaped any form of punishment.

On Saturday he connected Jonny Wilkinson and this got him penalised during the game and cited afterwards.

He appeared before a disciplinary on Monday and was banned for three weeks.

The RWC statement said:

“Following a RWC 2007 judicial hearing the Judicial Officer Professor Lorne Crerar upheld the citing complaint and confirmed that Samoan centre Brian Lima breached Law 10.4(e) and committed a dangerous tackle during the Samoa versus England match on Saturday, 22 September in Nantes.

“The Judicial Officer determined that the reasons for the Referee’s decision in awarding a penalty for the offence were wrong and could not accept the explanation of the player that there was no intention to commit a dangerous tackle.

“The tackle was inherently dangerous and the swinging right arm of Brian Lima connected with considerable force on the neck/throat of the England number 10 Jonny Wilkinson.

“The Judicial Officer accordingly determined it was a deliberate rather than reckless act. In categorising the seriousness of the offence, the Judicial Officer determined it was mid-range.

“The player is extremely remorseful, has never been sent off or cited before, is of exemplary character and has outstanding references as to his character and role model attributes.

“The Judicial Officer accordingly discounted the mid-range entry point of six weeks suspension to three weeks. In respect of the Tournament this means that the player will miss the next match against the USA with a two week suspension thereafter. The player has 48 hours in which to appeal the decision.”