Saru bends rules for Muir

Dick Muir could be added to the shortlist of coaches to replace Jake White.

Saru deputy president Mike Stofile told the Mercury’s Mike Greenaway that Muir might be considered even though he had failed to apply for the job. Ironically, Mad Mike last week said that White was not on the shortlist because he had not applied before the cut-off.

“It has come to our attention that Dick is interested, and this is pleasing, but with applications having closed, the only thing we can now do is discuss it at our scheduled meeting on Thursday, and then give a report back to the President’s Council. It would be up to them if there is to be a revision of our present shortlist,” Stofile said. The deputy, however, did not explain why the possible extension of White’s contract could not have been discussed at this meeting too.

Muir confirmed his interest in the position.

“Coaching the Springboks is something every South African rugby coach would consider an honour,” he said. “The reason I did not apply for the job was because Jake was still in the picture and I did not feel it was appropriate to go up against him.

“Out of respect to him, I did not apply. He had just won the World Cup and I thought it right that he should continue in the job, if that was what he wanted. But now that he has removed himself from the equation, the situation is obviously different and, yes, I am interested.”

Meanwhile, White’s agent, Craig Livingstone, has confirmed that the Springbok coach has had talks with Rob Andrew, England’s director of elite rugby, about the possibility of coaching the English team.

If White gets the job, he may also find himself on the British Lions management team for their tour of South Africa in 2009.