Aussie legend slams “childish” Fava

Sir Nicholas Shehadie has strongly condemned Scott Fava’s behaviour on a recent Force training camp.

The loose forward was fined A$11,000 (around R55 000) after an eyewitness saw him throw a quokka (a small marsupial) around five metres through the air at a training camp on Rottnest Island last month.

Fava on Friday admitted to having a binge drinking problem but former captain Shehadie called his behaviour “Mickey Mouse childish stuff” that was not worthy of a Wallabies player

“The solution is to be stricter and tougher, the hierarchy has to set an example,” Sir Nicholas told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It used to be that if any younger players stepped out of line, the older guys would give them a nudge but it seems that one or two of the players are giving the other 90 per cent a bad name.

“Following this recent example a lot of ex-Wallaby players have contacted me, all of them concerned with what is going on. It appears they have too much time on their hands, they are made out to be gladiators and they are getting too much money.

“I think they should all have a job and there needs to be stricter control from the top, certainly more discipline.”