Highveldstorm leads S14 comp

We have a leader! Well done Highveldstorm. The only contestant in the Super 14 Predictor Game to achieve the ‘Grand Slam’ in Round One. A perfect 7.  Does this blogger know his (or her?) S14 rugger, or what.

250 contestants will slog it out over the next 3+  months to see who emerges as the kingpin of Super 14 Rugby Predictors.

Unlucky for some though! Only numbers 1 to 220 scored points this week. The rest will start earning points from Round 2 – and are going to need to be extra sharp, because they have some serious catching up to do.

Just to let everyone know where you stand with regard to your first week’s predictions. If you got 7 – well, that’s perfect. Perhaps you should be heading up SANZAR!

If you scored 6, that’s pretty damn awesome too. Those who weighed in with 5 certainly have an above average knowledge of Super 14 rugby, whilst those who got 4 are ok – but let’s face it, you only just fell over the line.

If you scored 3 then you think you know more than you actually do, about the Super 14, and those who got 2 ticks are in serious danger of being labelled “netball experts”.

If you only managed to score ONE solitary point then, my friend, it’s best you don’t EVER allow your real name to be reviewed.

Nobody got a duck! And if anybody had, we’d have chucked them out of the competition, because that would’ve meant they were so clueless that they even missed out on the “banker”, namely the Crusaders.

What did surprise me was the huge number of bloggers who tipped the Stormers to beat the defending champs, the Bulls. And the bloggers who fancied the Cheetahs to down the Lions must be seething at the antics of Mr Oelschig right now.

Nevertheless, keo.co.za is pleased to include, for your information, the Leaderboard following Round 1 of this year’s Super 14. It includes all those who scored 6 or 7 points. We will, from time to time, include the full list (with running totals) of ALL 250 contestants – just so that you can check to see that you’re on track. (Our technical gurus are working on the new site, and will devise a plan on how best to display the full points table going forward).

So, Highveldstorm holds the lead with 7 out of 7. And a shorthead behind are the following: Walter; Kerneels; Kid_Senekal; Shibobo; N4rco; bbf; tight head; Randy-R; DanTheMan; Blougolf; Trawsaj; Vandrg; Reilan1150; Koos; Thelm100; Bruin Banana; Mol; WikusV; Bird; BigBokSupporter; Rager; Boots; Supa Die Bloubul; Richard; Spies_is_King; Blueballas and Yetirat. Well done to you all. Great start!

Just for the record: the bloggers who do not yet have their competition numbers. here they are:

220. Tomsta (you did make it for predictions in round 1. You scored 3, by the way); 221. EAF; 222. Offsider; 223. Harlequin; 224. BlueJ; 225. Rutherfoord; 226. horiman; 227. keg; 228. jarsonx; 229. KingPaul; 230. Namblack; 231. BokiNZ; 232. BBB or just B3; 233. No_Comment; 234. DVV; 235. Knersboy; 236. Tito; 237. Boerboel; 238. Herm; 239. Biscuit; 240. Cheetahj; 241. Luke_Live; 242. Ronin; 243. adoons; 244. Mackie; 245 kwagga009; 246. armchair coach; 247. amazon; 248. BMM; 249. malcolm in the middle; 250. remax rugbyguru.