Blues backing themselves

The Blues expect the same game-plan from the Sharks and are planning on getting five points from the game.

Blues manager Ant Strachan told they don’t expect anything different from the Sharks, it’s just a matter of how they counter the Sharks winning formula.

“The game plan doesn’t seem to have changed a lot. I wouldn’t see too many differences from the way they (have) played. They probably haven’t scored as many tries this year on a weekly basis,” said Strachan.

Strachan was referring to the Sharks’ two victories over the Blues last year, despite only nine members remaining from Dick Muir’s squad for the semi-final last year. Strachan expects much of the same in tactical kicking for space, as well as a forwards onslaught, which secured home and away victories for the Sharks.

Muir knows his team are being targeted as the Blues expect a fourth straight bonus-point win.

“The Blues obviously set themselves a high target of achieving 15 points on the road, they’ve managed 10 and we respect a side that are in such fine form,” said Muir.