Zuma backs off

ANC president Jacob Zuma is not supporting Oregan Hoskins in the Saru presidential elections.

JZ has a earned a reputation for telling people exactly what they want to hear since his victory at Polokwane in December. He flirted with the idea of a labour market reform only to apologise to Cosatu and say he’d lay down his life to defend workers’ rights. Yesterday, he backed down on his pro-death penalty stance, saying the constitution was very clear on the right to life of every SA citizen.

Now Zuma has apparently withdrawn his support for Hoskins, after a Sunday newspaper quoted the Saru president as saying it was a “wonderful boost” to his campaign.

“The president of the ANC does not take sides in leadership issues in any other organisation,” ANC national spokesperson Jessie Duarte told Die Burger on Monday.

Keo.co.za has not been able to reach Hoskins for comment, but will keep on trying.