Wilko shares Danny’s delight

Jonny Wilkinson has hailed Danny Cipriani’s performance against Ireland as “a joy to watch”.

Cipriani was given his first start for England at the expense of Wilkinson, and he rose to the challenge by kicking 18 points in the 33-10 win.

“That was a phenomenally impressive start from Danny Cipriani in the England No 10 shirt on Saturday,” Wilkinson wrote in The Times. “And believe me, from where I was sitting on the England bench for most of the game, it was a joy to watch.

Wilkinson admitted it was hard to watch the game from the bench, but said he wanted the team, and Cipriani, to do well.

“I guess it is only human nature [to wish I was playing], but I have been asked what it was like to watch him play so well at No 10, the position I like to play. The answer is simple: it was fantastic and I was genuinely delighted for him.

“The sad thing is that in years gone by, that might not have been the case. I can’t deny that when Charlie Hodgson was making his mark on that position, I found it very hard to accept.”