Stofile slams racist vote

Mike Stofile blamed his defeat as South African Rugby Union presidential candidate on conservative rugby people’s inability to embrace blacks.

Stofile told the media there was no place for blacks in South African rugby and that the government should intervene because rugby was incapable of fixing its own problems.

“What happened here today, is an indictment of what is happening in our country,” said Stofile. “I am not surprised, not really disappointed. I want you (the media) to see today what is happening. We (rugby people) have got a lot of work to do in this country.

“I’ve been saying for four years now there is no place for black people in SA rugby and this is the final nail for black people in this country. They (black people) have to wake up and see what needs to be done for them to be accommodated in the structures of rugby in this country. Black people are not trusted.”

Stofile said he did not regret opposing Regan Hoskins for the presidency even though he knew the risk that defeat would leave him without a portfolio in the administration.

“I was mindful that I could be unsuccessful but I decided to go to test the waters and I don’t regret it. Rugby people think I’ve done enough, and that’s fair, so I’ll go and do some other business.”

With Stofile no longer serving on Saru’s hierarchy, it means there are no black Africans occupying any of the top posts in national rugby.