Poms pilfering support

The RFU of England are busy garnering support to ensure the ELVs are not implemented into European rugby next season.

An IRB meeting is set for 1 May and the topic of the ELVs has been fast-tracked onto the agenda to see whether the game in the northern hemisphere will use the laws on a trial-basis. The NZ Herald reports that this has led the RFU to look for support from other unions, as they fear once the ELVs have been trialled, they’ll be there for good.

“Once they’re in, they’ll never be allowed back out,” said one senior Twickenham official.

The RFU are worried the ELVs will detract from the soul of the game with the forward exchanges becoming less important, which in turn will suit teams such as Australia. If ELV supporters get a two-thirds majority vote at the meeting, the ELVs will be used in European competitions from September.

The RFU are looking to add to the support they have from Ireland and Wales by attempting to get undecided France and Italy in their camp.