Bok manager mess

Saru have decided to change the position of Springbok manager to that of an ‘ambassadorial role’ after the only two ethnic black candidates pulled out of the race.

Bok World Cup manager Zola Yeye and Gideon Sam, who was Bok manager under Rudolf Straeuli, are both unavailable for the position. Yeye cited a lack of support and feedback from Saru after the World Cup and accused the organisation of reserving the position for ethnic blacks. He also asked why blacks were not appointed in other positions in the Bok management team. Sam, meanwhile, initially expressed interest in the position, but last week withdrew citing other commitments.

That left Arthob Petersen – a coloured – as the only candidate left. However, because there are no ethnic blacks in top Saru structures after Mike Stofile was voted out of office, Saru wanted an ethnic black Bok manager.

So now the committee set up to appoint a new Bok management team has changed the title of the position.

‘I am pleased to announce that the committee has decided to change the team manager role into an ambassador role,’ Golden Lions president Jannie Ferreira, who is also chairman of the committee, told Business Day. ‘The manager won’t be appointed now. We will announce the manager closer to when the squad gathers [in June].’