NZRU battles to keep Carter

The NZRU will look at “radical” moves to keep their best players, such as Dan Carter, at home.

Carter, along with other leading players in the country, are being lured to Europe by wealthy clubs. The NZRU’s general manager Neil Sorenson admitted they may not be able retain players such as Carter and Jerry Collins, but they will do their utmost to keep relations amicable in the hope of them returning soon. The NZRU might allow players short-term releases on their contracts – where they would play overseas – and then return as quickly as possible.

‘If a guy is going to go offshore the first thing we do is sit down and say a) we want to keep in touch, b) we want you leaving on good terms and c) we want you home,’ Sorenson told Radio Sport in New Zealand.

‘Potentially we will lose all those guys. Potentially we will lose all the guys currently playing for the All Blacks. That’s their career move these days. It’s a logical progression – they make the All Blacks, play for the All Blacks as long as they can or as long as we can keep them, and then secure themselves a contract offshore.’

‘We think there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that we just have to adapt. It’s a battle but we’re certainly not throwing the towel in,’ said Sorenson.