Kumble calls it quits

India spinner Anil Kumble has announced his retirement from cricket.

Kumble, speaking after the drawn Test with Australia, cited ongoing injury concerns and fatigue as the primary reasons for his decision.

“The body was asking questions every day,” he told the media. “It was not easy to keep bowling the way I have been bowling the last 18 years, to keep going. The [finger] injury I had on the third day probably helped me make the decision.

“The body tells you how far you can go,” he said. “I kept challenging – as a cricketer you are always competitive, always saying, ‘I can do it’. Whether you can or not only time will tell. I kept getting responses from the body saying that you can’t. I fought that, I took various painkillers and tried all sorts of things, but ultimately one injury to the hand said ‘enough now’.

“I was also not bowling at my best and you want to keep performing at a level that you are satisfied with. That was not happening so I thought this was the right time to move on.”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni will assume the captaincy of the Test squad, having already lead the team in ODI and T20 cricket. Kumble said he had been privileged to be part of a India team that improved significantly during his tenure.

“I believe Indian cricket has certainly gone further from the time when I started, in terms of results, not just in India but also abroad,” he said.

“And I am confident that with this young team, with a few of the experienced senior players still being a part of the team, we have an opportunity to dominate world cricket and be No. 1 in all forms of the game. In one-day cricket we’re pretty close to the top, in Twenty20 we’re No. 1, I don’t think we are that far behind in Tests as well and it will be great to see that happen.”