Conditions on the slide at Murrayfield

The cold and wind are already big features in today’s fixture but it looks as though this Murrayfield Test could be marred by rain.

Saturday began with a bout of brilliant sunshine, a source of light and warmth that is presently obscured by some ominous cloud cover. A strong wind is blowing across the Murrayfield pitch and is certain to affect the kicking of both teams, and by the looks of things, the rain could affect proceedings in the second half. The field already looks very heavy underfoot and could worsen as the game wears on.

You really have to feel for the proud local supporters who’ve decided to don a traditional kilt for the occasion. No doubt a few of the natives have been warming up on the prominent drag of Rose Street, and the respective pub proprietors will be reaping the rewards. The supporters will need all the Dutch courage they can muster in the latter stages of this Test, as the weather is going to be foul.

There is a steady wave of green and gold clad spectators heading towards the stadium, and the world champions won’t be short on support this afternoon. The ground is still relatively empty at the moment but the Boks received a hearty cheer when taking the field to warm up.