Burgess not fazed by bad press

Wallabies scurmhalf Luke Burgess is not letting recent criticism of his passing game get him down.

Burgess came in for some serious stick earlier this week when former Wales No 9 Gareth Davies described the 25-year-old as “pretty average”.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I know where I’m at and where I need to work and he’s certainly probably right on a few instances,” Burgess said.

“But it’s been such a fantastic opportunity and learning curve. I’ve enjoyed every second of the rugby over here, playing in the cold and the wet and in the hostile stadiums and with certainly the hostile [opposition forward] packs.

“Each Test has certainly been a different set of circumstances regarding the challenges that I’ve faced and I’ve certainly learnt a lot from that.”

Burgess said Davies’ criticism would “not be overlooked”, but claimed he would not be rushing to call his mentor Nick Farr-Jones for advice.

“I haven’t stayed in direct contact with him,” said Burgess.

“But he certainly helped me a lot and I can certainly go to him whenever I want. He’s fantastic and I will certainly be taking up that opportunity as I learn more and have more questions.

“But I’ve got the coaches looking after my passing technique and we are working hard on it.

“It’s about doing the work and I feel like I’ve done the work and technically it’s about learning yourself and managing yourself as much as having help.

“So it’s very important to just keep working hard, I think.”