Bok badge shifts right

Saru have confirmed the Springbok badge has shifted to the right-hand side of the national jersey with the King Protea on the left.

The president’s council met on Monday to resolve the emblem issue. A subsequent statement concluded this decision sees SA Rugby aligning itself with other South African sporting codes.

The Protea currently incorporated in the Springbok emblem has been removed, and will stand alone on the left-hand side of the jersey. The image of the leaping Springbok without the Protea will be moved to the right.

“The council took cognisance of the advice they received from the Sports Minister on pending national legislation and a consensus was reached,” said Saru president Regan Hoskins.

“The possibility of retaining the Springbok on the left-hand side was discussed, as council had not taken a decision on the positioning and legislation remains to be promulgated. However, it was the decision of council to avoid confusion by making the move now and to prevent a future necessity of making a second change in due course.”

The timing of the change will be confirmed once logistical considerations have been finalised.