Toulon take Jake’s advice

Both Toulon president Mourad Boudjellal and manager Tana Umaga are set to make big changes following Jake White’s brief stint with the club.

White only stayed with Toulon for six days instead of the proposed two weeks, but Boudjellal has lauded his contribution. Toulon recently beat Montpellier 30-9 in the European Challenge Cup and perhaps this could be a turning point for the struggling French club.

“I have the feeling that he [Umaga] took on board the observations of Jake White,” said Boudjellal. “I find that Umaga is much more involved in recent days, he has really taken charge of the group.”

White has also suggested changes to the club’s infrastructure and pointed out that the player base of 50 is far too high for the top tier. The board will take this into consideration but it may take some time to implement.

“He also suggested among other things that to retain our place among the elite there should be changes in the organisation of the training sessions,” said Boudjellal. “That will not be so easy to put in place.”