Reds rope in SA boxer

The Reds have recruited former IBF lightweight champion Philip Holiday to help with their pre-season conditioning.

The South African currently resides in Australia and was invited to training by Reds head coach Phil Mooney. The Brisbane-based franchise has struggled in recent years, and Mooney is determined to give them every advantage before the season-proper kicks off.

Holiday told Aussie reporters he was not teaching the players how to box, but rather improving their intensity.

“Rugby is a team sport and I want these guys to be prepared to keep going not for themselves, but so they don’t let their teammates down. If someone gives up during one of our sessions, the whole squad has to start again. They’re [the players] definitely getting tougher as a result,” he said.

The former champion currently runs his own gym in Brisbane. He held the IBF title for two years (1995-1997) and when he retired in 2003 boasted a record of 38 wins, six losses and one draw.