Saru wins power struggle

The Department of Sports and Recreation’s plans to gain more control over the issue of national selection have reportedly been scrapped.

Earlier in the week, SA Rugby president Oregan Hoskins told that he completely rejected the new laws and claimed he would consider resigning from his post if the proposed changes were implemented.

However, according to Afrikaans newspaper Beeld, the new law changes were in fact illegal and have been trashed.

The new laws aimed to hand Sports and Recreation minister Makhenkesi Stofile complete control over the selection of players for all major sporting codes.

Squads would have to be announced 30 days prior to any major tournament and sent to the minister who would then be able to make any changes he felt necessary.

The other contentious law changes concerned the issue of foreign recruits which would require players to hold a South African passport to be eligible for national selection, and the minister would also be the only person with the power to award national colours.

Deputy minister of sport Gert Oosthuizen claimed there were never any intentions to interfere in the selection process.

“We just want to prevent someone that runs onto a rugby field for a second from getting national colours … that is not interfering,” Oosthuizen told Beeld.

Hoskins said on Monday that SA Rugby had briefed their lawyers and were planning an official legal response, but it now appears that it might not be required.