O’Sullivan slams boring S14

Former Ireland coach Eddie O’Sullivan says the ELVs have made Super 14 rugby a labour to watch.

O’Sullivan criticised the hybrid laws that favour more kicking and short-arm penalties. In the new USA coach’s opinion, Super Rugby has become an aberration since adopting these laws.

“I don’t agree with the law changes. The dynamics of the game I don’t like. It just doesn’t do anything for me,” said O’Sullivan.

“The giveaway is that I have recorded a lot of these [Super 14] games, and I end up deleting them without watching them, because I just don’t have the energy to look at them. I am disappointed with the Super 14 as a spectacle.”

O’Sullivan feels the hybrid ELVs have led to a more haphazard approach and that a solid structure is no longer rewarded.

“The law variations with the use of all the free kicks, I just don’t agree with. It makes the game different. It’s a hybrid game that is being played.

“The idea of going off your feet at the breakdown is not part of the experimental law variations, but it is being blamed for teams not running with the ball, as though it is too risky to run, so you had better kick it,” O’Sullivan said.