Watson dumped by EC?

Sondag reports that Cheeky Watson has been replaced as the head of the new Eastern Cape franchise.

The franchise will be officially launched on 16 June when the Coastal XV takes on the British & Irish Lions in Port Elizabeth, with the aim of taking part in the expanded Super 15 in 2011.

Sondag reports that the director of sport in the Eastern Cape, Bafundi Makubalo, will take Watson’s place.

‘Yes, I am going to be the chairman of the team, but rugby people will still have a big say in the way that things are run,’  Makubalo told Sondag.

‘We need to be involved to ensure that all the role players don’t bump heads.’

Watson has clashed with the Border Rugby Union on numerous matters, but Makubalo denied  this had  anything to do with his removal.

‘The franchise isn’t about personalities, but rather about working together with the unions involved.’

Watson was unaware he had been replaced.

‘It’s the first I have heard about it, but if Makubalo is the new head, then it is fine by me.’