Boshoff protests innocence

Leon Boshoff will plead not guilty to charges of using a racial slur and verbally abusing Lions players.

Boshoff’s disciplinary hearing will take place at 9am on Wednesday morning after his alleged comments aimed at Lawrence Sephaka and Earl Rose.

‘Leon cannot put his side of the story yet because of the nature of the case, but will plead not guilty,’ Boshoff’s lawyer Bertie Grobbelaar told Rapport. ‘He is disappointed with the unfair situation he is being confronted with.’

According to reports the Lions’ forwards coach – who is suspended pending the investigation – and his family have had to move out of their house due to public reaction to his alleged comments.

‘I have done nothing to deserve this,’ Boshoff told Sondag. ‘Something like this affects you significantly. Both me and my family are verbally attacked every day. It has become so bad that my son – who is in grade two – has to face it every day and has to hear how the other children keep on saying his father is a racist.’