Kiwis whinge about travel

Hurricanes coach Colin Cooper has slammed Sanzar as his team’s travel arrangements have been ‘just too hard’.

His team had a two-match tour of South Africa and then had to fly back to Perth to play the Force on Friday. His team only had one training session before the clash but to even try compare this to the South African teams is ludicrous.

The Lions had a similar arrangement where they only had one practice before the Chiefs clash due to flight cancellations, while all the South African teams stay away for a minimum of four matches.

But Cooper is still upset about the travesty of his team’s injustice as he hopes for an expanded competition that will alleviate the Kiwis’ ‘travel problems’.

‘They need another team and conferences,’ said Cooper as Sanzar considers its options about an expansion. ‘The travel is just too hard. I believe this game should have been Saturday night or Sunday.

‘To arrive from South Africa on Tuesday and have one training run and try to get over that time zone and play on Friday was really, really tough,’ he said.

‘I know the game was supposed to be Sunday. How it got to Friday and slipped under the radar a little bit was a bit disappointing.

‘My players were really, really struggling to get back into the time zone and we should be treated a bit better than that really.’

This is yet another push from the Kiwis to expand the competition that would lower the standard of Super Rugby even further. Cooper hopes the standard of play will somehow improve by increasing the number of teams to form a glorified NPC.

‘It’s a bit unrealistic to have these players performing to the level they are supposed to be performing. I don’t think any other teams in any other competition have to put up with this travel factor.

‘That then becomes a mental factor and that’s why everyone is knocking everyone over. It’s such a mental game.’

Obviously rugby has never had a mental aspect to it, according to Cooper.