Warne: IPL window a necessity

Rajasthan Royals skipper Shane Warne has slammed the ICC for not creating a window for the IPL in the international calender.

Warne believes a four-week tournament, as opposed to the five in this year’s edition, would make this possible, allowing players from all countries to participate.

England and West Indies players will only be available for the first few weeks of the tournament as they will be engaged in a Test series starting in early May while a number of Australians including Warne’s teammate at the Royals, Shane Watson, will miss nine first nine games of the tournament due to their involvement in the ODI series against Pakistan in the UAE.

‘If the ICC had any common sense, they would create a window for the IPL,’ Warne told the Star. ‘No international cricket should be played in April. The IPL could then be cut to four weeks, which would allow all the international players to play in it. The IPL is a wonderful advertisement for the game.

‘If there was any common sense, the BCCI and ICC would then compensate all the unions with some money for allowing their players to play in the IPL.’

In February the ICC reiterated that it wouldn’t be possible to create a separate IPL window before 2012, as the Future Tours Programme was already in place.