Op won’t worry Gatland

Warren Gatland’s recent neck operation won’t affect his involvement on the Lions’ tour to South Africa.

Gatland underwent surgery last week after losing feeling in his right arm.

‘The doctors seemed happy enough,’ said the Lions forwards coach. ‘I don’t foresee any problems on the tour.’

Gatland said the problem stemmed from his playing days as a hooker for Waikato until it gradually deteriorated.

‘I’ve always suffered some pain and numbness in my arm ever since I retired. But last week the pain just got slowly worse until I lost total use of the arm,’ said the 45-year-old.

‘Now it’s just a case of waiting for the nerves to repair and hopefully I’ll get full use of the arm back.

‘Things are difficult right now. I’ll take a bit longer to get dressed in the mornings and I won’t be able to shout as much at the lads. Perhaps I’ll just take a mega-phone with me!’