Eagles open to Kings move

SWD president Stag Cronje says his union is eager to join the Southern Kings set-up.

The Eagles were initially excluded from the franchise that includes EP and Border.

‘As long as we are welcome, we have no problem,’ Cronje told Sapa. ‘I was informed a couple of days ago that we are welcome to join in. If this invitation is approved by SA Rugby, it is fine with us. If we are part of the Border and EP set-up, we would love to do a presentation on the future.’

This follows speculation that SWD would not be welcome in the new franchise.

‘At that stage we felt uncomfortable about the entire situation,’ said Cronje. ‘There were rumours left, right and centre, but, if we are wanted, we will support them all the way. I‘m sure SWD could make a huge impact.’

Meanwhile, the Eagles are hoping to sign four new players following Bunker Capital’s recent investment.

‘We are in the final stage of negotiating. Everything should be finalised next week,’ said Cronje.